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COOLCAREERS is a job portal or board for South Africans. Our main focus is to participate in all different fields, Every field counts to us. From student vacancies to professional jobs, we prioritize all of them. We want to make job hunting in South Africa so simple and easier, by doing so we have systems that connect applicants and employers. This was created as one of the tools used in South Africa to fight unemployment. Everything is free, we don't charge even a cent for uploading your job and uploading your CV.

COOLCAREERS was founded in 2016 by Tsietsie Mametja, a TUT graduate in National Diploma Engineering Mechatronics. A guy from Limpopo Province, Sekhukhune Burgersfort Town, Makgemeng Village. This portal in 2016 during its creation was aimed for students and in 2020, 4 years from its creation it was transformed to a job portal to cover all vacancies, including student vacancies and professional jobs.

Our initial aim was to focus on Student vacancies such as Bursaries, Learnerships, Apprenticeship, Internships, Graduate, Traineeships, P1 and P2, Scholarships, and student-related careers. We saw the opportunity to expand our aim to cover both students and professional vacancies. From our initial aim we have added professional vacancies.

As a former learner or Graduate I've missed lots of opportunities, some of them I can recover them now but some are not easy to recover. At the University, I have missed some opportunities, some of them I have recovered already but some I am recovering them, but there are some that there is no way I can recover them.

All the challenges I have experienced at High school and Tertiary have inspired me, in this website, I guide both students and learners about those challenges they can expect. I do not want learners and students to experience the same challenges I went through.

COOLCAREERS website was motivated by the best moments we had at the University. My friends and my former class-made are involved in the creation of this website. We had fun and encouraged each other day by day.

In this website, I want to encourage and guide other students about life at the tertiary level. In our language, we say, 'ke ga mma ga mpone' meaning 'my mom is not seeing me'. This website is willing to help students and learners in achieving their goals. We were also encouraged by scammers; they are giving our graduates false hope. They are putting false opportunities on the Internet, this gives our desperate job seekers false hope.

On this website we post real opportunities collected from different sources. We are willing to help as many students as possible; we want to build better South Africa. By doing this, we are fighting Unemployment.

We aim to help people in finding their dream jobs, We want to build the best communities for Job seekers and employers. No job is not valuable, we tread all of them equally. We want to be one of the best job portals in South Africa. We want to reach all people from all provinces, cities, and towns in South Africa.