Babysitter is a person who takes care of a baby of the other person, for a certain period. For the women for are working, mostly after they gave birth they will be given a certain time to stay at home, and take care of their babies. After that time that they are given is over, they will have to go back to work, so that where babysitters intervene. They will have to hire someone to take care of their baby.What is good about babysitting is that you can take care of many babies as you can, and that mean you will earn more. Out of this career, you can own your own business. They are many people who are making lot of money every month. Examples of business that you can own are Creche, Child Center, and Orphanage Center.


1. Love

Dealing with children is a very very big responsibility, sometimes children cannot behave the way you expected them to behave, so if you have no love you will end up beating them. Love is the first thing needed if you want to be best babysitter.

2. Clean

You must be clean, and enjoy working in a clean environment. Children are very sensitive to bacteria. Putting children in dirty area can affect their lives; these can results illnesses to the children. Therefore, if you are not clean person try to make yourself and the place you are working on very clean, this will not help baby alone but also you.

3. Fast Decision Maker

Babies are empty minded person, and everything is up to you. You are the one to decide for the baby. So it is advisable to be fast decision maker, because if you are not, you will end up putting life of a baby in danger. You can practice this at your home.

4. Clean Language

Babysitters have a very big role to play on a baby. Babysitters are the one to influence the baby. As a babysitter, you have to practice good and clean language around the baby. Stop mentioning unacceptable words around the baby. Babies are able to adopt language very fast. Remember babies copy what we are doing.

Top Employer
  • Household
  • Hospital
  • Creche
  • Care Center
  • School

  • Qualification
    There is no qualification needed to become a babysitter, just practice to become one.

  • Persistent
  • Results-Oriented
  • Good Heart
  • Responsible
  • Independent

  • Salary
    You can earn from R4000 up to R15000

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