The Bartender is a person who is working in a bar; his/her job is to help people who are buying. Bartender is similar to a Cashier/Tiller but the different is that as a Bartender you work in a bar and sells beers and wines. This kind of career is good for students who want to make extra money and gain working experience. To become a Bartender you do not need a skill or working experience. You can learn everything as you working. If you are dreaming of becoming entrepreneur and own your own business, this is a good start. As a Bartender, you will learn how business is being run and how different methods are used, then one day you will have your own business. Below I am going to show some of the requirements needed to become Bartender.


1. Be 18 years or older

Bartender is working in a bar. A bar is place where they sell beers, mines, and drugs. There is a law that says no person who is under 18 is allowed to take drugs, beers, or wines. So since this is the place of drugs and alcohol, no children under the age of 18 are allowed, that is why you have to be 18 years or older to work in a Bar.

2. Have at least grade 10

As a Bartender you will have to work with some money, people will buy then you have to give them some change. If you have to have grade 10, it will be difficult job for you. This is not always true; the important thing is to know how to count money. If you do not have grade 10 you will not be trusted like those who have matric.

3. Be Open

In a bar as a Bartender, you have to be so friendly. Why friendly? When people are drunk, sometimes they do not behave. Some they will start swearing people. As a Bartender, you have to be used to it because it will happen always. You must know how to handle such situations.

4. Be able to handle pressure

As a Bartender, you have to be able to handle pressure and work-overtime. Sometimes the employer will requires you to work overtime, so you must be ready for such things. If you can't handle pressure you won't make it as a Bartender.

Top Employer
  • Club Africa
  • Palace
  • Meropa Casino
  • Thaba Moshate
  • Zum-Zum Resort
  • Five Resort
  • Johhy Club

  • Salary
    You can earn from R5ooo to R15000 plus tips.

  • Friendly
  • Decision Maker
  • Cooperative
  • Excellent communicator
  • Persistent
  • Respectful

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