This career is for people who like to build things, like houses, schools, hospitals, and other things. This is a long-term career, and it is one of the highest Civil paying careers in South Africa. Most of the bricklayers are self-employed, and independent. If you do not know most of the Bricklayers win the construction tenders in South Africa. The following are tenders that can be won by bricklayers, construction of schools, hospitals, RDP houses, malls, Complex, Flats, and other structures.
As a bricklayer, you can employ minimum of five workers and maximum of 50 or more workers. What is good about bricklaying is that it does not require any education. Even school leavers can become successful bricklayers. If you do not bricklayers are required as if the way engineers are required in South Africa.


1. Basic knowledge in drawing symbols

This is every important, you have to know how to analyse drawings, you have to know the meaning of all symbols in civil drawings. To know this you do not need any special class. The good and fastest way of learning this is to be close to someone who has knowledge in the meaning of those symbols. I advise you to be close to any bricklayer.

2. Knowledge in house plan

House plan is a drawing of house that it has to be built. Every house that it has to be build it must be drafted down so that is will be easy to build. Not all houses have plans, but the big structures such as schools, hospitals, or RDP houses have to have any planning. What is included in a plan is number of bricks, tiles, Windows, doors and others. Plans help in money saving, you would know how material needed before you start building.

3. Basic tools and machines

As a bricklayer, you will use different types of tools and machines, so it advisable to learn and practice how to use these tools ans machines. You do not need to go to class to learn about those tools and machines. Making friendship with those who know how to use those tools and machines for construction can be very helpful. Exampled of those tools used by bricklayers are hacksaw, grinder, drill, compressor, welder, and tools you can think of.

4. Know measurement

In the construction, we do not guess measurement. Everything has to be accurate and in the correct scale. Tape is the main instrument that is used to measure. It is advisable to know basic measuring units such as cm, mm, m, kg, liters, and other units. Those units will help you to build accurate structure.

Place of work
  • Mining
  • Mall
  • Factories
  • Household
  • Schools
  • Hospitals
  • Churches

  • Qualifications
    You can be a successful bricklayer even if you do not have any qualifications and you can have qualification for this. You can national certificate in Civil.

    You can earn R5000 up to R250 000 per month.

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