A tiller is a person who stays behind tills, and accepts cash for purchase. This is one of the popular careers that don't require any skills or experience. In the easy way Cashier/Tiller are those people in the shops including supermarkets, stores, hardware, and others, receiving money when you buy something.If are a student you don't have any working experience you can try it, I know most of them it won't be related to the job you are doing but trust me it will help in future.

Most of young people are not employed because of lack of working experience; work experience doesn't mean a career that is related to your field. As a student, you can work as cashier for part time or during the weekends. To become a cashier/Tiller they are requirements needed, even though they are not very hard to reach. What is good about this career is that it can open many doors; you can start by being cashier but end up being a manager in that place.


1. Be Good Money counter

Since this career deals with money, you be receiving different amount of money. You need to know how to count money, or else you will do a lot of mistakes end up robbing customers their change or over giving them their change. If you are not good in money at the end of the month you would end up loosing some of your money at the end, because your money be deducted to replace you have to the customers by mistake.

2. Be Polite

Cashier deals with different people with different attitude and manners. Some people they do respect and they are cooperative, but some they have no respect at all and they are cruel, annoying and have bad attitude, so you have to know how to react to such people. You don't have to show your sad face.

3. Have Grade 12

You have to be good in writing and reading, since they are some reports to always fill after work, and they are other machines that requires school's skill to operative, for example till and money counting.

4. Be able to work under pressure

Working pressure as a cashier is very high. There is a time where you will be required to work without going to launch and working extra hours, especially at the month end because number of customers is very high, and no customers have to return home empty handed.

Top Employer
  • Shoprite
  • Ok
  • Pick n Pay
  • Checkers
  • KFC

  • Place of Study
  • There are no requirements or Qualifications needed to become cashier or Tiller grade 12 is enough.

  • Personality
  • Friendly
  • Cooperative
  • Creative
  • Punctual
  • Patient

  • Salary
  • You can earn between R4000 and R15000 depending on the company and your experience.

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