Chef and Hospitality

Have you dreamed of becoming chef one day? If answer is yes congratulation, this is a good idea. We all have to eat everyday, we have to travel using train, buses, planes and ships, and we have to sleep in hotels. Have not you ask yourself who are preparing foods for us, and who are responsible for those kitchens. Our chefs do this entire works. Chef is one of the important careers that we need in our daily lives to survive, There is no unemployment for chefs, Why I'm I saying that really, most of the Chefs are Independent they the one who are employing people, if you don't know most of hotel's, restaurant's, plane's, and ship's kitchens are owned by chefs. After your graduation yes you can work for someone because you would need those chef's skills and experiences, by after few years if your wise you would own you kitchen and you would be the one to employ people.

Requirements needed to become chef

1. Grade 9 or Grade 12

To have national certificate you need to have grade 8 or higher, National Certificate can be obtain at the colleges or Technikon. To study there you need to atleast to have grade 9 and for Colleges marks does not matter but it is good to score high because they always select top marks first. To have Diploma you have to study at the University of Technology, minimum requirements to study at the University of Technology is to at-least have grade 12, your marks doesn't matter most of the time if you have average of more than 50%. There is always a competition it is good to score more than that, so that they will not reject you. To have degree in chef/ hospitality you need to study at the traditional University minimum requirements to study at the university is to at-least have grade 12 with average 60%, or obtain bachelor.

2. Be Good in kitchen

This is lifetime career, to become successful chef you have to be good in kitchen, know basic tools that are been used in the Kitchen. Enjoy spending most of your time in the kitchen, remember this is not position for women only; we have lot of successful chefs which are men. If you still have that mind of thinking this IS a women careers you are living in the wrong century.

3. Good Communication.

English is the best communication language; if you can be good in English, you will never go wrong. Remember that in South Africa we have different Languages such as Xulu, Pedi, Xosa, Venda, Afrikaans, and the others. If you meet or want to communicate with someone who does not speak your Language, English is the best language to communicate. However, it is not always a must/Compulsory to speak English, I will depend on the area that you are going to work in, but make sure you know language of that area you going to work.

4. Be Polite and Have respect.

As a chef you will be working with different people from different cultures, some they will be annoying and not nice to work with, but have to treat them with some respects, remember they are your costumers, you are there because of them.

Where to study chef or Hospitality
  • Wits
  • Tut
  • Up
  • Jeep College
  • TSHWANE College
  • and other institutions.

  • Where to work
  • SAA
  • KFC
  • Shoprite

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