Chemical Engineering

Chemical engineering is one of those scarce skills needed in South Africa. Holding a Diploma/Degree can open many doors. Chemical Engineering is it focusing too much on Chemistry including mixing chemicals, taking samples, improving chemicals added in a substance and others. If you enjoy the section of chemistry in matric chemical engineering will be nice and fun for you. Chemical engineering is one of those careers that people hate and forget.

Have you not wondered why food in tins and bottles are not rotting they can last longer but the moment you open them they cannot last longer, Chemical Engineering is involved right there. Chemical engineering as a name is not so fun its application is fun. If you can study it you will understand how different things we use in our home are made, example of things you understand are soap, coke acid, flour and others.


Have Grade 12/Matrix

This career needs someone who can think widely and read, so if you do not have matric you will have a problem, you will not be able to solve other problems. Grade 12 gives basic of Chemical Engineering. As a chemical engineer, you need to know how to read and write, and the important factor in to read different signs on a wall, so that you can always be safe.

Good marks in Physical Science

To become a successful Chemical Engineer you need to have good marks in physical science especially chemistry section. The reason is that some basics of chemistry are in physical science. By having physical science you will understand easily some of the theories used in this course. Remember all basics terms and theories are taught in grade 12, so if you don't have grade 12 you will struggle a lot.

Good eyesight

This is obvious, in many cases when the reaction takes place they will be change in colour, sometimes if you mixed the wrong elements/chemicals, you can figure out by checking colour of your solution, if you have eyes problem this will be dangerous to you. Having good eyesight will help you and others workers, because poor eyesight can cause many accident in the industry and this will cost the company lot of money.

Good smeller

In chemical engineering, many chemicals are mixed, and new products are being formed. Some reaction of chemicals are not visible, sometimes if you didn't mix the right element/ solution the will be a certain smell to warn before reaction burn/explode, so if you have problem of smelling your life would be in danger. It is advisable to go for medical checkup or else your life and the others lives will be in danger.

Don't be Lame

This is not always true; you can be successful chemical Engineer even if you are not lame. The reason of not being lame is that everyone knows that factories/farms that deal with chemicals are very dangerous, incident can happen anytime, so if you are lame if the accident occur it will be difficult for you to run away from the place of accident this can lead to death.

  • Sasol
  • Engine
  • Total
  • Unilever
  • SABS
  • Nestle
  • Shell

  • The best fit personality
  • Cooperative
  • Effective
  • Innovative
  • Positive
  • Consistent

  • Salary
    Range from R15 000 up to R50 000 depending on your experience. This is one of the paying courses in Engineering.

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