Civil Engineering

Civil engineers are playing major role in developing and promoting our civil structure. Everywhere you meet any big structures such as Bridges, tunnels, buildings, dams, towers, and other structures, just know those are works on Civil Engineers. To become a professional Civil Engineer you need to be good in structure designing. The major role of Civil Engineer is to design a major structure; they are the one who are responsible for calculations and drawing. They are lot of responsibilities involved in Civil Engineers, and Civil engineer does can affect lives of many people for example poor structure can kill people when collapse.

What is good in Civil Engineering is that you can work in many companies and it one of highest paying careers in Engineering. Civil Engineers are needed more than before; South Africa is a growing and developing country. Our government is trying tying to improve looks of the city, they are building new building and roads. Civil Engineers are needed to design those buildings and those roads

1. Have grade 12

Most of the Civil engineering courses are been offered at the universities and Universities of technology. To study at the university you have to have grade 12 or more, less than that you cannot be admitted to study there. It is believed that people with grade 12 are able to solve solution with their minds.

2. Maths and Science

Civil Engineering involves problem solving and calculations. To become professional engineering you have to be good in maths and Science. Remember bad design can costs lives of the people, that is why they always for the best design.

3. Be good in drawing

Most common softwares are Auto-cad and Solid-works. Those softwares are used for drawing, before you can understand these softwares you need to be good in basic drawing, know how to analyse drawings and their symbols. There is no way you can be a good civil engineer if you don't have knowledge in drawing. Lot of work is drawing.

4. Diploma or Degree

Having certificate is the proof that you have knowledge in a particular section of work. In civil they are very strict you have to have proof that you can perform a certain task.

Top employers
  • Murray Robert
  • Sadvicks
  • Dener Dynamics
  • Eskom
  • Glencoe

  • Salary
    You can earn from R5000 up To R50000 or more.

  • Focus
  • Responsible
  • Fast learner
  • Creative
  • Self-oriented

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