Cleaner is person who cleans places such as schools, hospitals, offices, hotels, houses and other facilities. Cleaners are known as domestic workers. Cleaners are needed everywhere; this is a simple career but can lead you to become a millionaire. As a cleaner, you can own tenders that cost millions of Dollar. They are many successful people who started as being cleaner as we are talking they own companies.

In our tradition, we take this career, as for women but the truth is that this career is for both genders male and female. We have many successful men who are doing good job in this field. There is no qualification needed to become a cleaner; even school leader can become cleaners and be trusted like those who are from schools. They are many jobs opportunities available for this career.


1. Multitasking

As a cleaner, you will be required to perform many tasks at the same time. For example, you will be wash clothes and iron at the same time. Therefore, it is advisable for you to be able to multitask. If you are not good, I do not see you succeeding in this career.

2. Clean

You must be clean, and enjoy working in a clean environment. Children are very sensitive to bacteria. Putting children in dirty area can affect their lives; these can results illnesses to the children. Therefore, if you are not clean person try to make yourself and the place you are working on very clean, this will not help baby alone but also you.

3. Be able to keep your hands dirty

Cleaner is not for people who like to stay in the office, there is no office for Cleaner. As a cleaner, your hands will always be dirty, so if you are a gentle man this is not for you try other things. Mentioning dirty some think of danger, this is a safest job ever, but if you are not careful, you can be dangerous to yourself.

4. Be Polite

Cleaners deals with different people with different attitude and manners. Some people they do respect and they are cooperative, but some they have no respect at all and they are cruel, annoying and have bad attitude, so you have to know how to react to such people. You don't have to show your sad face.

  • Towns
  • Schools
  • Hospitals
  • Mine
  • Household
  • And Everywhere

    There is no qualification needed to become gardener. Even school dropout can become successful gardener.

    You can earn from R100 up to R500 a day, depending on place of work.

  • Focus
  • Innovative
  • Patient
  • Punctual
  • Innovative

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