Dancing is one the careers that are not taken serious in South Africa. Many people have gift of dancing but the problem is that, they are using it in a wrong way. Have you ever watched a video music? If answer is yes, then you know how valuable is dancing. Dancing career can put food on a table, can pay school feed, can pay bills, and pay you cars. Music industry is one of the fast growing industries in South Africa. What is good about music is that you can be self-employed and own your companies. We have different types of dancing. If you do not know this career can many doors to a good life. If you have skills and experience in this field, you can become dance trainee. Dance trainee is someone who teaches people about how to dance. This career can opens other doors for you, take it serious.


1. Flexible body

Dancing is about shaking your body, so to become best dancer your body needs to be flexible and soft. If your body is flexible, you will not be able to master and perform other moves. They are exercises that you can try to make your body more flexible. Many people wanted to become a dancer because their bodies are not flexible enough, they are failing.

2. Fast Learner

As a dancer, you won't know all the moves, sometimes you will have to learn from the other people. You need to be adaptable and fast learner so that you do not waste too much time and energy. Even if you are a not fast learner you can still become a dancer, but things will be tough for you.

3. Self-confidence

Confidence as a dancer is very important, without it, things will be difficult for you. Dancers are spending most of their work entertaining people, if you are shy and have no confidence at all things not be easy for you, you can even forget the moves you have practiced. Best way to be your self-confidence is to spend time socializing with people.

There are training that you can take to become best dancer but of this is your talent you can make it without any training.

You can earn from R5000 up to R250 000 a month.

Top Employers
  • SA Got Talent
  • Idols SA
  • SABC
  • MTV

  • Personalities
  • Flexible
  • Adaptable
  • Passionate
  • Cooperative
  • Effective

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