EXPERIENTIAL LEARNING also known as in-service training. it is a programme that the companies use to introduce students to the working environment. It is intended to help students who are from Universities of Technology including TUT, VAAL,DUT and Others. Usually the Universities of technology offers national diplomas, and diplomas takes 3 years to complete, the first two years only theories are given to the student with little practical and the remaining students are introduced to the working environment, that is were they start to apply theories they have been taught from the first two tears.

Requirements needed to complete EXPERIENTIAL LEARNING

1. Good Academic record

since you have to apply for this programme, the competition is very tight you have to work very hard and have a good academic record, because employers always wants someone who is a hard worker.

2. Healthy person

EXPERIENTIAL LEARNING introduce students to a working environment, as a student you need to be healthy and ready to work in hash environment, because if you are not healthy you will risk you life in the working industry. Usually the conditions at the work place are not normal for example the place is very hot, and dusty, if have skin or lungs problem you will suffer a lot

3. Complete S4

In order to participate in EXPERIENTIAL LEARNING programme you have to complete Semester 4, and pass all the subject or you can only have one outstanding subjects but allow up to three outstanding subjects.

4. Study at the University of TECHNOLOGY

EXPERIENTIAL LEARNING is for students who are from University Of Technology, so you must be studying at the University Of Technology

EXPERIENTIAL LEARNING is a paying programme, a student will salary every month according to the agreement they had with the employer. Salary is between R4000 and R18000, and sometimes allowance for laptop, phone, tablet, car and house is given to the student.

Usually EXPERIENTIAL LEARNING program is a very short program the minimum duration is 6 months and maximum is 12 months

List 6 companies that offers EXPERIENTIAL LEARNING
  • Bmw
  • Transnet
  • Samancor
  • Audi
  • Vodacom
  • Engine

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