Gardener is the person who takes care of garden. They duties are to plant, water and take care of plant in the garden. Gardener is very important in saving our nature. As a gardener you can work more than five people, and obvious a better salary. Gardener is a good work for student in making extra cash. One of the important things about being gardener is that if you are wise you can be independent and self-employed. Gardener in South Africa is been stereotyped people think this is a men's job but the truth is that we also have successful women who are gardeners.

This opens many doors in life. One of the open door it can open is that you can own your own business that deals with fruits and vegetables. You can start as just being a gardener but as time goes on you can become a farmer. As a farmer you can employ many people working under your business, and make lot of money that can support you and your family.


1. Know about plant

Gardener is specializing with some plant like flowers, trees, fruit tees, and vegetable. Having background about trees would help you a lot; you can become a successful gardener without ruining a garden first. To know about plants does not need any special class. You can spent most of your time with people who knows about plants, I advise to volunteer to work in our nearest farm.

2. Love Nature

To become best gardener, you must have that desire to conserve nature. You must say no to the cutting of trees for developing mines, farms, town, and other facilities. His is no jus a career it is more than a career.

3. Be able to keep your hands dirty

Gardener is not for people who like to stay in the office, there is no office for gardener. As a gardener, your hands will always be dirty, so if you are a gentle man this is not for you try other things. Mentioning dirty some think of danger, this is a safest job ever, but if you are not careful, you can be dangerous to yourself.

Best place to work
  • Towns
  • Schools
  • Hospitals
  • Mine
  • Household
  • And Everywhere

  • Qualification
    There is no qualification needed to become gardener. Even school dropout can become successful gardener.

    You can earn from R100 up to R500 a day, depending on place of work.

  • Focus
  • Innovative
  • Patient
  • Punctual
  • Innovative

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