Information technology

Information technology is one the important careers that we need in our lives. Without IT life is boring, you will not be able to the read this article. Have you not wondered about the people who are designing, updating, and developing internet, software, and applications. It technician are responsible for this duties. It plays major and important role in our lives, for example, doctor is able to perform surgery online, and doctor can perform surgery for someone who is in another country online. It technician are the one who are responsible in protecting websites and other online systems from the hackers.

It career it is for people who enjoy working with computers. IT is one of the top paying careers in the world. Information Technology is playing major role in developing our daily lives, our lives have changed if you can compare our life that we live this days are too different the life our ancestors have lived long time ago. Kids of these days using advance toys and tools that where not found before, all this things are been done because of Information technology. Scientist have predicted that the life that people will live in next coming 40 years will be totally different from us.


1. Computer Literate

There is no IT Career without computer, so if you want to be best IT technician you need to be good in Computers. To be good is not knowing how to type and print documents, you must have typing skills, know how use different software, know different hardware around computer.

2. Programming Skills

As an It you must know how to programme your own softwares. Common programming languages that are been used in programming are C-Language, Java, PHP, HTML, and others. If you don't know how to use any of these programming languages, then don't consider yourself as a programmer.

3. Good eyesight

As an IT technician, you will spend lot of your time on front of computer. If you have problem with your eyes this will be disturbing, you will not enjoy your work. Before you can choose this course, it is better to go for medical test to check if your eyes are in a good condition. If you eyes are not good, you can start taking medication for that. This will help you and your fellow workers.

Top employer
  • Microsoft
  • Accenture
  • Barclay
  • Dimasion Data
  • Discovery
  • RMB

  • IT personalities
  • Creative
  • Problem solver
  • Energetic
  • Patient
  • Responsible

  • Salary

    IT one the best paying course, you can earn between R9000 and R4000. It depeends on skills and experience you have. Some are earning more than mention figures, especially self-employed people.

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