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Manager: Business Solutions & Reporting

Manager: Business Solutions & Reporting :
Job Summary

To effectively manage a national operations portfolio in order to achieve organizational objectives. To ensure that the end-to-end process flow is optimized to facilitate value to all business stakeholders. Determine BSS/OSS user requirements, specification and acceptance. Perform technology introduction, service and operational readiness. Compile specifications, work instruction and work processes. Perform quality acceptance and monitoring on national basis. Perform contract management, manage national TBI's and perform national coordination functions.

Duties and Responsibilities

To effectively manage a national operations portfolio:
- Implement tactical and Operational Plan
- Identify targets & goals for environment
- Compile implementation plan
- Determine BSS/OSS User requirement
- Determine BSS/OSS Specification
- Perform BSS/OSS Acceptance
- Compile Business processes and work instructions
- Identify opportunities for continues improvement
- Determine quality standards
- Perform quality monitoring and audits
- Do contract management and liaison work on national basis
- Introduce new technology
- Manage service and technology operational readiness
- Perform management on national basis of all Theft, breakage and Incidents
- Obtain required information from key role players from key role players

Manages people performance and development:
- Manage performance of section
- Provide people management to the team
- Compile human capital plan and work force planning
- Ensure quality & timelines are met
- Provide appropriate training and development initiatives
- Establish conducive work environment
- Manage Health and Safety of employees

Manages the development of budgets, expenditure and performance reporting
- Manage finances and resources of section

Manages internal & external customer relationships:
- Build relationships with relevant stakeholders by building and managing internal and external customer relationships

Qualifications and Experience

Relevant 3 year business/ engineering degree or diploma (at least NQF level 6)
5 Years' experience in an ICT environment of which 2 years must be on supervisory level

How to Apply

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