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RCL Foods: Hatchery Foreman

Job Description

RCL FOODS is looking for an organized and analytically-minded Hatchery Foreman to join the Rustenburg Hatchery. The position reports into the Hatchery Manager and is responsible for ensuring that the best quality eggs are set to ensure the hatch of the best quality chicks at the lowest cost, delivered to satisfied customers.

Minimum Requirements

Minimum Grade 12 is required. Relevant Tertiary Qualification will be an advantage. Valid EB driver’s license would be an advantage. Minimum of 3 years' relevant Hatchery experience. Minimum of 1 years' supervisory and people leadership experience. Well-developed interpersonal and labour relations skills. Ability to work shift work/ standby / overtime. Comfortable residing on company property as part of custodial responsibilities.

Duties & Responsibilities

Operations Supervision: Grading. Setters. Hatchers. Chick Take off: Observe chick quality and contamination of chick debris. Observe quality of chicks during chick transfer from chick basket to carousel. Audit chick counting and record any variances. Monitor and record chick quality. Measure and record chick weight. Measure and record yoke free body mass. Analyse and record unhatched eggs per flock. Measure and record vent temperatures. Monitor environmental conditions. Ensure availability of vaccines. Prepare vaccine and administer. Record culls per flock. Prepare delivery note to dispatch. Dispose of culls and debris as per procedure. Monitor and record truck temperature prior to loading. Dispatch chicks as per placement plan. Verify chicks loaded with IDN and chick truck driver. Communicate, dispatch with farm manager, chick placement supervisor, and hatchery. Reconcile chicks hatched to placement delivery notes and other hatchery and farm manager daily. Audit and manage seal register. General Production: Ensure the submission of samples to the laboratory (blood, water, dust, mortality and feed) as required by best operating practices to enable proactive management of potential animal health issues. Manage the vaccination process to ensure immunisations and vaccinations are done in time and according to the RPM, BOP and veterinary specifications. Ensure that effective rodent control measures are in place. Hygiene and Biosecurity: Adhere to the VCD and BOP procedures. Ensure compliance to SHEQ and Risk Management: Training of staff with regards to animal welfare, food safety , equipment within the operation and Bio-security procedures. Maintenance: Test equipment and the standby generator on a weekly basis to ensure reliability and good working order. Test the alarms in the morning and afternoon, on a daily basis to ensure good working order. Maintain the hatchery grounds. General: Updating KPI’S. Manage resources. Monitor and record stock levels. Maintain good asset care management. Plan all leave for the employees. Maintain good housekeeping practices at all times. Analyse reports with the ability to problem solve.