Learnership is a programme for student and learners, in these programme students and learners get a working experience. 90% of the education students get in colleges and Universities is theory, Learnership is used to close the gap. Target of learnership are mostly students from colleges such as Capricorn, Tshwane North, Jeep and the other one. Mostly believe that colleges give students enough practicals, but the truth is that they are enough. Why not enough? Those practicals are not giving the students enough working experience.

Learnership is not for all learners from college, they are specific learners that are targets. In South African's Colleges we have two qualifications NQF and Nated(N) courses. Usually learnership is targeting students who did Nated(N) courses. Usually nated range from N1 up to N6, and each N takes 3 months to complete for Engineering, for other courses such as management and media is 6 months. Students are fed only theories without practicals.

Requirements for Learnerships

1. Have Matric

Most of the Learnerships want students who have completed grade 12, because in South Africa grade 12 is the highest grade, and in grade 12, they are teaching basics of tertiary education. If you have grade 12 you will not have problem in tertiary.

2. Good Marks in Maths and Physics

Maths and Science are one of the important subjects, they allow learners to think technical and solve problems. To take part in learnership programme you need to have maths and Physics, Because during the training they will be some problem solving so If you don't have maths and physics you will struggle, but not all Learnerships need maths and science but only for Engineering.

3. Be South African Citizen

Learnerships are there to help only South African citizen, The reason behind is that most of the south africans youth have no working experience. Most of them they end up being unemployed, and I will not benefits south african for giving skills to those who are from the other countries while they are many who don't have skills in South Africa.

4. Be healthy

Conditions in the working industries are not normal, if you suffer healthy you will not survive, for example in an extracting farms the temperature is extermely high if you suffer any skin problem, you will not survive. Your eyes have to be good, Your Hearing have to be good and also your lungs have to be good.

Who offers Learnerships
Learnerships are offered by public and also private companies, below are lists of the companies that are offering Learnerships
  • SAA
  • ABSA
  • SARS

  • Duration
    Duration of the learneships differs it depends according to the contract have signed but minimum duration for Learnerships is most cases is 12 months, contract can be signed up to 34 months. During the whole process of Learnership, students will receive salary, also salary depends on the contract, and experience the student has. Most Learnership minimum salary is R1000 and you can earn up to R9000, after the completion of the learnership the permanent employment is not guarantee, If you are lucky permanent job can be given to you but if not you will have to search for job yourself.

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