Marketers are required in every business. The marketers are the one who are responsible to make sure that the products or services in the business are well known and purchased. Marketers are attracting more customers to buy in the business. If business introduces a new product or service marketers are one to convince their partners or customers to buy buy their product. Have you ever receive any a phone call from unknown company trying to offer you insurance, loan, magazine subscribe or any other services, if answer is yes, then know that you have spoken to a marketer.

If you enjoy talking and convincing people, I don't see any reason of not studying marketing. As a marker, you can own your own successful businesses and employ more. To have a successful business you need well-trained and best marker. Marketers are in control of business growth, that is why many businesses are not making it.


1. Good Communication

Communication is a major key in a marketing industry. You cannot convince people to buy your product if your communication is very bad. Some people will not take you serious, if you communication is very poor, they will think maybe you are a scammer or something. The main language in marketing is English, but you can also you their one, depending, on the place.

2. Matrix

Writing and reading are very important when coming to marketing. As a marketer, they are many reports that you will have to write. In grade 12 is where learners are taught different Technics and principle are used in the working industry. In grade 12 the important subjects are English, Economics, Business Studies and Accounting. If you want to be a good marketer, it is advisable to complete your matric. You can still be a good marketer even if you don't have matric.

3. Good Listener

As a marketer, you will not always talk but sometimes you will have to listener to the people. If you have bad hearing this will be annoying to your customers, when they speak, they will have to repeat repeatedly. Communication is when two people exchange information, if you are not a good listener you will end up not understanding the person so you will miss important information

4. Computer skills

As a marketer, you will spend most of your time in front of a computer. You will be entering data and searching for customers. If you are not computer literate, this will be difficult to you. The basic computer skills needed are Microsoft (word, excel, PowerPoint and spreadsheet).

Top Employers
  • Mweb
  • TAG
  • MTN
  • Sizwe
  • Capitec

  • Personalities
  • Friendly
  • Open minded
  • Focus
  • Creative
  • Patient

  • Salary
    They earn from R9000 up to R30 000, what count is experience.

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