Mechatronics Engineering

This career is new to some of the people in South Africa and the truth is that it has been here for so long. Mechatronics Engineering was derived from mechanical and electronic Engineering. Mecha is from Mechanical and tronics from electronics. Mechatronics engineering combines theories of Mechanical, electronics and computer science. Mechatronics Engineer is specializing with automated machines such as PLC, SCADA, Plant, and the others. Mechatronics use both theories from mechanical and electronics to produce new system. Since this course is not popular in South Africa, they are many Jobs available for this career.

If you like designing mechanical and electronics machines and you don't know which course to take , I advise you to choose engineering Mechatronics.Mechatronics is consists of Electrical and Mechanical Engineering. They are many fields you can study to become a qualified millwright. Mechatronics specialize with many things, including PLC programming, Electrical Fault Finding, 3D Modelling, installing mechanical parts such gears, pulleys, and the others. Below are some of the career field you can study to become Mechatronics Engineer.

  • Matric/Grade 12
  • Computer Skills
  • Maths and Physics
  • Be Creative
  • Diploma or Degree
  • Problem Solving

  • Mechatronics Engineering is not found at any institution in South Africa. The institutions mentioned are some f the institutions that are offering it. In some institutions, mechatronics is beencombined with mechanical engineering or Electrical Engineering. Mechatronics Engineer are very scarce in South Africa companies have started to look for engineers outside the country to fill this gap. You cane secure your own job by studying this course, they are posts that we come across everyday about mechatronics engineering.

    Place of Study
  • TUT
  • UJ
  • WITS
  • DUT
  • UCT

    Mechatronics Engineering is one of the best paying careers in South Africa in Engineering. If you have no experience or fresher from University you can earn R9000 upto R20 000, and with experience you can earn between R25 000 upto R50 000, Depends on the company you are working in.

    Many companies in South Africa recognize Mechatronics Engineering. It is not easy to be unemployed if you have experience in engineering Mechatronics. Is mostly recognized in the manufacturing companies, for car, electronics, clothing, and the others. Below is the list of those popular companies

    Top Employers
  • Festo
  • Ford
  • Siemens
  • Bmw
  • Nissan
  • Toyota
  • SABS
  • Denel Dynamics

  • Personalities
  • Creative
  • Open-minded
  • Responsible
  • Passionate
  • Patient
  • Problem Solver

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