NSFAS Bursaries

The NSFAS is a student's financial aid that is intended to helps students, includes both students in the Universities and Colleges. It helps Student with finance to pay for Tuition Fees, Books, Accommodation, and Transport. After students completed their studies, they will have to pay back certain amount. If a student passes in record time, 50% of the money is been converted into the bursary. Nsfas has helped many students in South Africa. To use NSFAS you have to apply, then they will tell you if you qualifier to use it. Before you can receive any amount from Nsfas, you have to sign contract first with them.

Only SOUTH AFRICAN learners/students are covered by the NSFAS programme. Government and Companies they wants only South African citizens to benefits from this Program by doing they don't allow other people from other countries to take part or use bursary. Reason is that since most of learners and students are from poor family Background, they cannot afford to pay for themselves.

Vision and Mission

Nsfas is there to close a gap between Rich and Poor families. Before Nsfas was introduced only children from rich families, were able to access and study in tertiary levels. Children from poor families, their dreams were demolishing after completed matric; some with good marks were not able to further their studies because of their family background. Now NSFAS have closed the gap, we see all the students studying at the tertiary. Since these programmes were introduced, many students have benefited from it. This programme is also closing the gap, for scarce skills jobs in South Africa.


  • Be South African
  • SA ID book
  • Disadvantage background
  • Family montly salary not exceeding 15 000
  • Admitted in University or College
  • Complete all fields in application form
  • Proof of family income
  • ID copies of all family members
  • Study in Public and private institutions in SA

  • After you have been admitted for financial help, you can no longer change course. If you change course you will have to re-apply for financial help, and chances of being accepted are very less. Therefore, we advise you to apply for this if you know that the course that you are studying is one of your dream courses and you have dreams with it. Do not use fake documents to apply for this programme if you can be found using fake documents you will be suspended, and you will be jailed for that, minimum of suspension is 5 years of not studying in any University and College in South Africa. Before submitting application form for NSFAS make sure all your documents are satisfied, do satify documents you can go to your nearest police station with copies and original documents.

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