Painter is person is a person whose job is to paint, a person who is painting walls, houses, cars, roofs, floors, and other things. Painting career is very broad. Painters are required in South Africa. What is good about painting is that you can become successful and best painter even if you are not educated. Most of the painters in South Africa are self-employed. If you are a painter and have business mind, you can own your own companies. In our tradition, we think that such kinds of careers are for men, but the truth is that we have many successful women in this field.


1. Good eyesight

In painting, they are mixing of different colours. As a painter, you have to know how to differentiate and distinguish different colours. If you are colour blind this will be a very difficult job for you, unless if you are the owner of the company and have workers who are working for you, worker that have skills in painting. It is good to go eye test before becoming a painter.

2. Painting tools

Painting is not about mixing paints only. You have to mix paints they apply them on an object using tools. You need to know how to use different tools that are been used in painting. Some of the common tools used for painting are air compressor and spray gun. They are many other tools that you can practice. To kin how to use those tools if you are new in this field it good and advisable to start making friendships with people who have skills and experience in painting.

4. Good smelling sense

In the painting career, you do not need to suffer healthy especially smelling sense. If you have smell, sense problem this is going to be a very difficult for you. If you want to be involved in this career, it is good for you to go for medical test and the Doctor will tell you if you are good to work in such working conditions. If you have company and you have workers this is no the problem.

4. Paint Mixing

This is very important as a painter; you have to know different colours. Know how to mix them to produce a required paint. They are many different types of paints; you have to know which one is good for wall, roof, steel and so on. To become successful painter you can start as junior painter.

You can obtain certificate in painting, but even school leavers are becoming successful in this field.

You can from R4000 up to R250 000, depending on the job and industry.

Top Employers
  • Ben
  • Eskom
  • Ford
  • Toyota
  • Vw
  • Nissan
  • Volvo

  • Personalities
  • Focus
  • Energetic
  • Accurate
  • Responsible
  • Active

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