Pastor is the person in the house of the Lord who is associated with love. She people have problems; Pastor is the one who is responsible for solving those problems. Pastor is the one who is building marriages and relationships. Pastor is also a preacher in the house of the Lord. If you do not know pastor can also teach.

To become a Pastor there is no qualification needed. If God has called, you can become a Pastor but also they are some courses that you can take to become a Pastor. As a calling of God, God will reveal scriptures and their meaning to you, but if you undergo any special lesson during the lesson, you will undergo bible study and verses would be revealed to you.


1. Love

Love is the first very important factor as a Pastor. You have to show people love. You do not have to pretend to be lover but you must love. Example of love, you must be able to forgive someone who has wronged you many times. You need to have love because as a Pastor you will be involved in solving love problems.

2. Confidence

Confidence is the main key as a Pastor. Remember as a Pastor you will be guiding people about different issues, so to win this you need to have confidence. As a Pastor, you will not always solve the same problems; some problems will be new and different. You have to be creative and have self-esteem.

3. Good Communication

You talking must be very good. Most preferred language is English but this is not always true. Even the other African languages are ever important and preferred. As a Pastor, you have to know what kind of people in a place you are going to work with, and then you can decide on the language.

Know Book of life

As a Pastor book of life will be your best friend and part of your life. Before you can jump into becoming a Pastor it is good to start learning and practicing a book of life. Have revelation about verses and their meaning in the book of life. If you cannot get revelation on your own, you can attend special courses and many verses would be revealed to you. One best way to start is to be part of bible studies.

They are diplomas and certificates you can obtain to become Church Pastor. In addition, The Father can call you to become one without those qualifications.

Remember this is not just a job; this is the work of the Father. The Father is the one to reward you.

  • Love
  • Creative
  • Responsible
  • Organised
  • Prepared
  • Confidence

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