SCHOLARSHIP is a programme that is introduce by the purpose of helping students with the findings, this is targeting mostly student who want to study at the tertiary level including Universities and colleges. Many learners drop out after passing the grade 12/matrics because they cannot afford to pay for tertiary studies since they are very very expensive. Their dreams just vanish and not fulfilled some have a very good marks, they meet minimum requirements to be admitted at the universities but because of the poor background they cannot afford to further their studies. SCHOLARSHIP is there to close the gap.

Who is covered in SCHOLARSHIP

Not all learners are covered in the SCHOLARSHIP programme they are requirements needed to be covered by SCHOLARSHIP, depending on the type of the SCHOLARSHIP, below are and type of people covered by bursary

1. Be from Poor Background/disadvantage family

Learners and student from disadvantage families, have shortage of money and it id difficult for them to pay for their studies, because fees of tertiary education are very very high, that is why most of the SCHOLARSHIPS are targeting students from from poor background

2. Be admitted to University/College

To get SCHOLARSHIP you need to be admitted to study at the university or College. Because some learners can be offered SCHOLARSHIP even if they are not admitted to University and College, and they could not use it but disturb those who are in need of that SCHOLARSHIP, so that is why when you apply for SCHOLARSHIP you have to attach proof of University or College admittance.

3. South African Citizen

Only SOUTH AFRICAN learners/students are covered by the SCHOLARSHIP programme, Government and Companies they wants only South African citizens to benefits from this programmes by doing they don't allow other people from other countries to take part or use SCHOLARSHIP. Reason is that since most of learners and students are from poor family background, they cannot affort to pay for themselves.
Costs covered by a SCHOLARSHIP

N.B not all the costs that I have mentioned below are covered by every SCHOLARSHIP, each of them has it's own costs allocations.

1. Transport Fees

If the student is studying outside the campus far from the campus, money for for transport will be given to him/her, but not all SCHOLARSHIPS pays for this

2. Accommodation

The money for the residence of students, the place where the students are staying during the studies. It can be the residence from the institution or renting from outside. Usually the money is paid directly directly to the institution if you are staying the institution campus, but if you are staying outside the campus money is paid directly into your personal account.

3. Tuition fees

is the school feed, the money payed by the student to an Institution for lecturing, classes, Lab equipment and study materials. All the SCHOLARSHIPS are paying this fees even some they only pay this fees only.

4. Book fees

Some SCHOLARSHIPS are paying for study materials such as books,computers, Cellphone, tablets, and others. For this the money is paid directly to students account

They are many SCHOLARSHIP offers in South Africa, below are some of those offers in South Africa


Many companies in South Africa are offering SCHOLARSHIPS, private and bublic companies, companies such as Eskom, Bmw, Ford, Anglo American, Sasol, Samancor, Csir, Transnet, Telkom and many more. Most of them they have agreement with the student that after student have completed his/her studies will work for them for the same years they been sponsoring you

2. Municipalities

Every municipal in South Africa is offering SCHOLARSHIPS to the students, but those SCHOLARSHIPS are offered to the students who reside under that municipality. Most of municipal offer only students who are from disadvantaged background and admitted to tertiary education.

3. NGO's

Some of the organisation who are not from government are also helping students with the funding organisation such as NYDA, Motsepe Trust, Batho pele and others
We encourage our youth to be educated, if you cannot afford to pay for the studies the information above is for you, Have time and start implementing it you will be successful

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