Security Guard

This one of the very important careers needed. Without security guards, they will be more Robberies and money losses. The duty of security guard is to protect properties including cars, houses, schools, Hospitals, farms and other facilitiesTo become a security guard is very simple, within 2 months you can become a qualified one is you are wise. .

The job opportunities in field are very high. All human have rights to safety but the duty of security is not to protect people but to protect a certain property. As a security, you have to know your rights because some employers are not protecting rights of our securities.


1. Security Certificate

To become a qualified security quad you need to undergo certain training. Usually the training duration ranges within 4 weeks and 15 weeks depending on section of job, and after the training certificate of security would be obtained. Security certificate is just a proof that you can show an employer that you have undergone certain training. In the training, they are basic rules that are taught to the securities. They teach them about different objects/tools needed to protect them.

2. Firearm License

Security job is very risky. The is a time where you will be forced to use a gun, like places where you guard money, So to use gun you need to have firearm Licence. It is needed in South Africa, it is not for securities only, but for everyone who has a gun. if you can be found using a gun without its license you will be put into a jail. Follow the rules have gun, as a security if you can be found having gun with no licence you can loose your job.

3. Good eyesight

Most securities work at night, the is a time where you will have to move around to patrol, so if you have poor eyesight you won't be able to pick the other spot. Before considering security as your career it is advisable to go for medical test, you can easily identify if your eyes are in a good condition. If you are employed medical will be provided free to you.

4. Good Hearing

Hearing is very important in these careers, there is no way you can patrol place without good hearing.

Top Employers
  • Mafoko
  • Born to protect
  • Magnum Shield
  • Fedility
  • Coin
  • Thorbun
  • Red Security
  • Phonix

  • Salary
    It is ranging from R3500 up to R25 000.

    Minimum is grade 9 and Security Certificate

  • Strong
  • Open Minded
  • Focus
  • Motivated

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