Singing is one of the best paying careers in South Africa and the whole world. What is good about becoming a singer is that you do not need any qualification to become one. Singers are honored and respected the whole world. If you don't know that they are many singer who are not working but making living out of singing. They many lot of money for just singing only, they can afford to buy whatever they want.

Singing is good, because it can make you know many places that you never been there before. Singer does not sing different kind of genres; you have to know what is good for you and go for it. The best thing is to choose genre that fit your voice.


1. Good Voice

Voice is a singing career is very important, there is no way you can become successful singer without a voice. Yes, you can be an artist but voice is needed. Not just any voice needed for singing, you have to know where your voice fit. Singing is about knowing how to shape your voice.

2. Good Dancer

Dancing is one of the important key when coming to singing, most of people like singers who can entertain them in dancing, voice alone Is not enough. This is not always true, you can become successful singer even if you are not a good dancer, but dancing will open many doors for you. Important thing is to know what dance fit your music.

3. Read and Write

Some they will wonder, why should I know how to read and write? This is very very important as an artist you will have to write lyrics and practice them, so if you don't how to read and Write, how will you do that? One of importance about knowing how to read and write is when coming to signing of contracts. You will have to sign different contracts from your partners and your sponsors. If you cannot read who will end up signing the wrong contracts.

4. Self Confidence

Singing is a talent; of you have no self-confidence you will not make it. You have to perform in different occasions; mostly will be on a stage in front of many people, so if you do not have confidence you will not make it.

Place of Work
  • SABC
  • ETV
  • Thobela Fm
  • Metro Fm
  • Soweto TV

  • Personality
  • Organised
  • Adaptable
  • Energetic
  • High aspiration
  • Focus

  • Salary
    You can earn from R5000 up to R250 000 a month

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