Soccer is one of the careers that people people do not take serious. Most of the people take soccer as just for fun, but the truth is they are many people who make living out of it. To become best soccer you do not need any qualification. This is a talent; they are many people who are born to become best soccer players. Soccer career is on the sports highest paying career around the world. To become best soccer player you need to work very hard. In this career, competition is very very tough, out of 20 only 1 become professional player. This is a long-term career it opens many doors. At the beginning, you can start as a soccer player but end up being Couch, referee, soccer analyse, and careers related to soccer.


1. Soccer Rules

Rule are very very important, most of the sports that we play have rules. Soccer have rules, one of the rules is that no player is allowed to touch the ball except a goalkeeper. To become a professional soccer player you need to learn those important rules. The best way to learn soccer rules is to start spending time with people who know those soccer rules.

2. Team

Soccer involves 11 players each team in a field, One Goalkeeper, Defenders, Midfielders, and strikers. To win as a team, you need to work as a team. To become part of professional soccer player you need to know how to work as a team. The best way is to start practicing this with your soccer team's members

3. Be healthy

Health is one of the important factors as a soccer player. In soccer, they are many exercises taking place. As a player, you need to be healthy and strong. As a goalkeeper, you need to be good in eyesight and for the other player such as defender, midfielder, and striker you need to have healthy lungs. If you have asthma, I don't advise you to become try soccer career.

You can earn from R10000 to R2M or more. Soccer career is one of the best paying career in South Africa and the whole world.

No qualification needed to become soccer player this is a talent.

Top Employer
  • Kaizer Chiefs
  • Orlando Pirates
  • Mamelodi Sundowns
  • Ajax
  • Platinum Stars

  • Personalities
  • Active
  • Focus
  • Open-minded
  • Self-Oriented
  • Creative

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