Bursaries for Teaching

This kind of bursary is for only students who want to study teaching. Government has realized that many young people are no longer interested in studying teaching. This is very important all the Doctors, Engineers, Scientist, Managers, Artisans, Technicians, Police, Soldiers and others are from the hands of teachers. Without teachers, we are nothing. So government is offering students teaching bursaries to help and attract students and learners to study teaching. They are many field in teaching below I am sharing some of the fields you can choose in teaching, be careful when you are choosing.

Fields Grade 10 t0 Grade 12
  • Maths Teacher
  • Physics Teacher
  • Accounting Teacher
  • English
  • Life Science Teacher
  • History Teacher
  • Business Studies
  • Economics
  • Geography
  • Agriculture

  • Field Grade 4 to Grade 9
  • Technology
  • Natural Science
  • Economics Management Science
  • Arts And Culture
  • English
  • Maths

  • Every year there are teaching bursaries that are being offered to the highly motivated students who like to teach in South Africa. These bursaries are for students who need financial help to pay for their studies. To become a teacher you need to have passion is helping; some people do the wrong choice because they choose this career because they want money. If is not something that you been dreaming about this will be very difficult for you.

  • Grade 12 or Matric
  • South African Citizen
  • Good Communication
  • Attach Proof of admittance
  • You must be From Disadvantaged background

  • What is covered?
  • Tuition Fees
  • Books
  • Accommodation
  • Transport

  • Who are offering Teaching Bursaries?
  • Funza Lushaka
  • Nsfas

  • If you are passionate about helping students, I do not see any reason of not studying Teaching. Teachers are needed more than other workers are. If you did teaching the chances of being unemployed are very less, because South Africa is a developing country, new schools are been built every year and learners want to learn. If you think money to pay for your teaching qualification is a problem, relax there is bursary for teaching. You can go to your nearest teaching departments/Education department to ask for forms.

    Practice Teaching as Tutor
    University Tutor is someone who is helping student at the University by giving him or her extra lessons. In the other term they are called mentors, usually this are employed by institutions and paid by it. However, you can also become personal mentor who is independent, and have extra lessons with the students and the students will pay you. What I good about personal mentor is that you are independent, you work in your own hours and you get instant cash, you are own boss.

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