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Never do this mistake, do not email, fax, mail, deliver a CV and application form without writing a Cover letter. By doing this your application will not be taken seriously, Chances of being employed will be less. Your covering letter is important, it is giving a brief summary about your work life and experience, and you are trying to convince the employer that you are the right person for the job.

8 important tips

1. Draft it on A4 sized paper with high quality

Appearance of your cover letter is very important; it steals attention of the employer. Remember the employer receives more applications for one post; it is not easy to go through all the cover letters of the applicants. What the employers does is that they scan your cover if it is not attractive, and your font is not good they will end-up not sporting the important facts about you. So always, remember to use font size 11.

2. Type you CV do not use free hand writing

It is very important for the reader to see clearly everything that is written on your cover letter, and important for the reader to capture all your primary message and points on your cover letter. To achieve all this things is the best to type your CV. Some have bad handwriting; it is difficult to read every sentence that they have written. It is unprofessional to use free hand to write cover letter. One another important factor is that if you have typed your CV employer will believe that you good in computer skills, this can be one of the proof of your skills.

3. For every Application, write new cover letter

Every company has its own requirements they wants from their workers, so it very important for you as applicant to do some research about every company's requirements and about every company that you are applying for. Does not use the same cover letter for different application to different companies, always every company must have its own cover letter. To achieve this you can search about the company online or visit someone who is working for the company and ask about all the necessary skills needed for the position you are applying for in that company

4. Use spelling and grammar checker software to check errors.

Employers are very strict when coming to spelling and grammars. The always wants to employ someone who is good in communication both verbally and in writing, so submitting cover letter with grammatical and spelling error can make the employer to conclude that you are not good in communication. Remember the employers have not met you so far, he/she do not know you, so be careful about mistake when you are. The best way to avoid grammatical and spelling errors is to use software that is been made to correct those mistakes.

5. Write the name of person you writing to.

Before submitting your cover letter, first out name of the person you are writing to. In many companies, the employers are using the same mail, email, and fax address to receive applications. For your application to be delivered directly to the right person it is important mention name of that person in your cover letter.

6. Be straight to the point, avoid writing unnecessary things.

Employer will only read your cover within 1 minute; he/she will do what we call scanning within short period. Not everything that you are write in your cover letter will be reads by the employer, so write only the points don't just write about everything, know what is needed and what is not needed. So short cover letter is enough, so do not try to impress the reader by writing a long story and everything about yourself. Remember is together with CV other details can be found on your CV.

7. Steal the attention of the reader

What we mean by steal the attention of the reader? Make the reader to give more attention to your letter, Make the reader to have desire to go through all your cover. To achieve this you need to have good starting in your letter, your points must be in order, do not just write randomly. Convince the reader that you are good candidate for the job, by giving your strengths that are relevant to the position you are applying.

8. Always show your positive point don't be negative.

Say things like how the company benefits if they can hire. Do not mention things like money on your cover, people the employer can think that you want to be employed in their company only because on money. Never ever mention about you weaknesses, this can lead you to unsuccessful application.

The structure of you letter

In the first paragraph you need to :

  • Mention about your self, the job that you are applying for and how did you hear about it.
  • Sell yourself by writing down about your strengths.
  • Tell why are the right person for the position

  • The middle paragraph

  • why you want to be part of the company?
  • why company should they hire you instead of the other candidates?

  • Download examples of cover letters

    1. Cover-Letter-Internship

    2. Cover-letter-vacancy