Search For Vacancy

1.Speak to us about you?

This question is similar to 'tell us about yourself?' It can be in different question but do not be afraid and panic, is the same question. When answering this question you must be careful, don't give all information about. Start mentioning your name and surname, place you are, summary about your education life in short don't give everything and if you have been employed before you can mention that, and also the skills, role and your responsibility of that job.

example of answer : My name is Jaf stein, I am from South Africa Pretoria. I have completed my matric in 2004 at St George Technical and I have won awardin best learner in physics. Then the following year I went to study my Bsc in Life Science in the University of South Africa. I have been involved in research project about Wild animal under Save nature Conservation, I was a project leader. Currently I am working as Genetic Engineer, I have played major role in the projects.

Avoid giving things like hobbies, don't try give more information like I like just try to give only point that can secure your job

2. Briefly tell me about your strengths

This is time, where you have to convince the interviewer that you are the right person for the job. Be careful to answer this question you need to know few things about the company and the position you applied for. Ask yourself this Questions 'What is the Role is played by the person in the position I have applied' and 'Is it a team work position or is individual' from this two question you can jump to answer the question.

Example of answer : I am computer literate I am familiar to Microsoft( WORD, EXCEL AND SPREADSHEET), I have good listening skills, I am capable in good in working teams. I am a hard-worker, and always on time.

Do not mention too many strength, minimum of 3 and maximum of 5 is enough. Do not lie, because interviewer have all rights to ask you to demonstrate what you have mention.

3. Tell us about your weaknesses.

This is another question to secure your job. Be careful don't mention things that will make you to loose your at the end of the day. You can also mention your strengths but indirectly. This one of the difficult most of people they are getting jobs, because they are not answering this correctly, so be careful not to be one of those who fail interviews because of this question. Mention main keys before entering the interview room

Example of answer : I am not always prepared that is why I have to plan my day everyday, I am not a first decision maker, I always requires time think before making decision. Do not mention things like I am inpatient, I am always late to work, but doing so it can be a goodbye because there is no employer who can employ someone who is always late


4. Tell us about everything that you are aware of in our company

In this question, the interviewer just wants to know that you bothered yourself by doing some research regarding their company and their products. So to avoid scratching your head when answering this question, Please few days before going to interview just have some time to research about the company your going interview at. Find out about awards that have been awarded in the company, Know their main product and services, and the duration the company is been operating.

Example of answer: This company is one of the best car manufacturing companies in South Africa, It is producing 123 unit of cars daily, about 90 percent of the cars are exported to different countries such USA, CANADA, UK and Others. Most of the parts used are exported form different company. In 2004 this company was awarded Best car manufacturing in south Africa.

Avoid mentioning things like salaries provided by the company. I do not talk about the incident that has occurred in the company in previous. Be positive don't be negative. No employer can employ someone who is speaking negatively about their company.

5. Tells us about your previous boss

Don't forget, the interviewer somewhere somehow will be your boss in future if you become successful with your interview. Therefore, no boss can hire someone who will talk badly about him/her. So to avoid talking badly about your boss, focus on things that you have learned from your previous. Focus on positive points, even if your previous boss was not that friendly never ever talk badly about him/her. By doing so you can convince the boss.

example of answer : My boss was very friendly and open to be asked question. The one of things I have learned from him is punctuality, He tough me how to respect time.
Don't mention things like he was very rude, and not friendly.


6. Why do you think you are the right person for the job?

This is similar to what are your strengths questions, but this one you have to focus on the requirements of the job you have. Answering this you need to convince the interviewer that you are meeting the requirements for the job and you are right person for the job. Do not mention your weakness when answering this question because this can make you fail to secure the job that they are interviewing you for

Answer : I have three years skills in marketing, I have play major role in my company in marketing. And have came up with three methods that have lifted my company to another level.

Be honest, Don't no mention that you have never implemented because the interview have the right to conduct your previous employer about things that you have mention, and if you can be found lying you can loose you job

7. Why are you interested in joining our company?

Be careful when you answer this kinds of question, most of people fail this because they mention things like money, short working hours and others. Even if they are things that they pushing you to work for the company, don't mention them focus on positive things that you know about the company.

Answer: Safety measure in this company are very advance for the past year, only few incident are been reported from this company. The annual ceremony that the worker are receiving award is very good and motivating. It makes the workers to work very hard and complete all their duties.