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A well-drafted CV will allow the employer to spot very important information about your skills, education, and working experience. Most useful and Best CV is CV that is written based on the requirements of specific job. Do not use the same CV to apply for different posts. For every job you are applying for you have to write a new CV, do not just use one CV to apply for different jobs, every job must have its own CV. Make some researches about the company you are applying. Know more frequent asked question in their interview. This will help you to draft best CV.

What information should be included in your CV?

1. Personal background

Personal information is the information that is based on your personal life details, they include first name and last name, Sex, Postal and physical address, cell and telephone numbers, email/fax, Drivers License, Languages, Race, health status and others they are many more. Be careful do not mention everything about your life. Write only things that are important and specifically mentioned in the job's requirements.

2. Educational Information

Education information involves all activities that involve your studies, things like institution's name, year of study, name of course, the major subjects you have completed and duration of study. Education background includes both secondary and tertiary education. Make sure you start with your current qualifications first, this would help the reader to understand who you are. Do not mention your primary education it is not important, that will be the waste of time and space.

3. Employment experience

This include everything based all jobs you have been involved in. you mention all jobs you had, it include permanent, temporary, part time or voluntary job,No job is to small to be mentioned. List them starting with your current job first. Mention the job and describes the duties and skills gained from that. Do not forget duration of the job. Importantly do not mention salary of the job unless you are been ask to do so. If you have not been in any job, participate in voluntary projects to build best Cv.

4. Extramural activities

This includes all activities that you participate in you extra time you have. Those activities include sports activities, social activities and your responsibilities in those activities. However, be careful do not just mention everything mention things that are related to the job that you are applying. For example, you are applying for an IT position you can mention things like during my spare I design website and develop applications. This can help you to secure the job, than saying, I am a soccer player while you are applying for an IT position.

5. Skills and abilities

Are the things that you are good in doing them, things like good communication, Computer skills, Teamwork skills and Programming languages. In many job's post, skills and abilities are listed, so it is very important to go through the skills of the job and match them with your skills. Do not lie about the skill that you do not have, sometimes during the interview section you can be ask to demonstrate the skills that you have, always be honest. If you do not have any skill practice some, we do not get skills only from schools you can also teach yourself skill.

6. Reference

Reference is people who can witness you for specific task, but your relative is not a Reference, you can write your employer, leader, or Hr in your current or previous job. Don't list more references, actually two is the best. Write name of the person, name of the company, role of the person, contact details, and a year.

important tips

  • Type your CV
  • Size 11 font is the best
  • Black and white CV is good avoid colorful CV
  • Don't scan CV
  • Your CV must be Short

  • Download CV templates

    1.CV template 1(Fancy Colour)
    2.CV template 2(Full CV)
    3.CV template 3 (Advanced)
    4.CV template 4 (Summary)
    5.CV template 5 (border)
    6.CV template 6(summary CV)